Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean.

Ayden's sweet birth story.

My husband and I have been talking about having a second child, I'd be for sure and he'd get cold feet, then he'd be for sure and I'd get cold feet (this went on for about 3 years). Allot of the reason we went back and forth so much was because of my health. I have an illness called Systemic Lupus which has made "symptomatic" everyday. With our first child I did not have this. Lupus can cause problems in mom and baby, so we were just so unsure if we could handle the emotion of miscarrying or a stillborn. Well for some crazy reason in the beginning of September of 2003 I told my husband I was not going to start my new pack of birth control pills that this was it...and he was all for it. I found out I was pregnant 01 October 2003. I cannot explain the joy we felt from that news.

The pregnancy was rough from the beginning. I got very sick and was always vomiting. I managed somehow to weather the aches/pains of the Lupus and also deal with the additional symptoms and fatigue of pregnancy while working full time. When I was 8 weeks along I had a stroke due to the Lupus and was hospitalized for a little while. I cannot explain how worried we were that this may have affected our little one's health. That early they could only tell that there was a tiny beating heart. I recovered very quickly and fully. As some time went on, we could tell baby was growing as it was supposed to. This only alleviated some of our fears since I had still so far to go before they could really tell. I was sick with vomiting and diarrhea all of the time. I was so small and losing weight. At 20 weeks we found out from ultrasound that not only did our baby look healthy and was just the right size for how far along I was, but the baby gave no doubt that it was a boy! At 30 weeks I went into preterm labor and was put on meds and bedrest. By 32 weeks the Lupus had effected the way my stomach and digestive tract so much that I could only drink "Boost" (it's like Ensure), and eat pudding and soup. By the end of 32 weeks, I couldn't even keep that down so I was hospitalized to try to control the Lupus affecting my digestion. All of the medications/IV's/blood draws and such did not help. They decided to induce me at the 1st day of my 35th week while our baby boy was still healthy.

On 19 May 2004, the pill "Cytotec" was inserted into my cervix. By 1100 that morning I was having contractions. A little while later they had started Pitocin in my IV. I was having contractions, and over the course of the day they kept getting stronger. Around 1100 that night, I was STILL only dilated 2 cm (what in the world have these contractions been accomplishing this whole time then!!!), I was tired and the Pitocin contractions were kicking my butt. I finally asked for some pain medicine that made me feel a little sleepy and took only a little of the pain away.

My sleepy feeling lasted about 20 minutes and then it was full-tilt-boogey back to the pain again. I told the nurse this and she said I couldn't have anything else for 2 more hours. The Dr. said she didn't want to do an epidural until I was about 4 cm. By 0300 in the morning I felt so much pain the contractions were coming every minute, so I thought for sure it was close to pushing time. I asked to be checked and found out I was STILL ONLY 2 CM!

I cried (I'm not a crier or yeller when in pain, I just get really quiet and try to deal with it internally). I had been in labor for 16 hours and I was only 2 cm. There was a new Dr. on and she said if I wanted I could have the epidural even though I was only 2cm. I gladly took it. So by about 0400, I finally got an epidural and felt great relief. At 0700 in the morning the new Dr. and nursing staff came in and checked me...still at 2cm. I was tired, my mom and husband were getting antsy. By 1100, my water broke and the baby's heart rate was dropping (but not too dangerously so) with every contraction. Also, by this time the epidural had dislodged and was no longer working.

At 1230, I was checked again at my insistence because of pain and pressure, I was still only 2cm. My mother and husband decided to step out for a breather. They were gone maybe 10 minutes and I got this overwhelming feeling to get them back there so I called hubby's cell phone and told him I knew the time was very near. He said he was in the store. I told him to not pick up another item, but to pay for his stuff and come directly back to the room.

My mom and hubby came back into the room just as the nurse did. (this is only 10 minutes after being checked and being at 2cm) I had to convince the nurse that I needed to be checked, because this baby was ready. She was not buying it, and instead said she'd get the anesthesiologist back in to fix my epidural to make me more comfortable. Luckily at that time the Dr. came in and maybe she sensed my urgency when I was saying "Look, if it's time to push, lets get going and forget the epidural!" The Dr. checked me and was astonished that I was at 10cm and baby's head already pushed the cervical "lip" away. So the room was set up quickly and by 1308 my baby boy was peeing all over the staff. I just thought it was amazing that I went from 2cm to my baby being born in less than 40 minutes. I pushed for maybe 3-4 minutes. By the time they let me push, I wasn't playing around! On 20 MAY 2004 (30 hours after the start of induced labor) Ayden James was born at 5lb 10 oz and 18 1/2" long.

He was a nice healthy weight and his apgars were good, but he started showing signs of breathing problems right away. They let me hold him for a couple of seconds and took him away. The next time I seen him was a few hours later they let us go to the NICU and he was intubated with the tube that goes down into the throat with the machine that pushes air into your lungs. It broke my heart to see him like that. With the hospital's hard work, we were able to bring our perfect boy home. We got home in the evening, and right before dawn that next day I woke up hemorrhaging. I was on blood thinners because of the Lupus, and just bled and bled. As I was rushed out of my house to be put in an ambulance (the floors looking like there was a mass murder that had happened there), I didn't even have the time to give my new son and my 8 year old daughter a kiss goodbye. I spent that day in and out of consciousness, in surgery and getting blood transfusions. There was a lobe of the placenta that was left in my uterus that caused the hemorrhage.

When I was strong enough to go home, I felt I was "useless" in taking care of my kids. Until my blood levels built back up better, I could barely get out of bed, let alone take care of a newborn, an 8 year old or 2 dogs! Thank God for my wonderful husband who was my back bone through everything. It was a very trying time and I went through allot to have my son. God has indeed blessed me. Ayden is healthy and should have no long term or permanent problems from his lung immaturity or premature birth. And the truth is, I look at him and he looks at me, and I would go through every bit of that again and 10 times more for him!