Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean.

Empowering birth after Empowering birth after Caesarean[EBAC]

Pregnant yet again for the third time. However, having had an empowering birth after caesarean last time, I was not plagued with thoughts of self doubt in my body to birth naturally. Instead I had a firm belief in myself to give birth with strength, courage and serenity, like countless women before me. My last birth, over time, healed a lot of the pain and disappointment that I had experienced with my first birth.

Once again I needed to find a midwife/s who believed in my ability to birth naturally, at home, even though I had a history of a caesarean. So off I went to the same group of midwives who took me on last time. However, since my last birth at home a lot of not so nice exchanges had gone on between the midwives and the Obstetrician whom I was under last time. Due to fear of litigation I was by law not allowed to birth at home with my history of caesarean. So to avoid conflict I chose not to see any Obstetrician as long as my baby and I were healthy. I also signed a disclaimer stating that I have been informed of the risks of birthing at home with a scar on my uterus and took full responsibility for my actions.

Well the pregnancy was uneventful, and as always at the end I grew impatient for the birth day to arrive. Then it started.

At about 4pm I had a show and informed the midwife on call. She informed me that I was probably going into labour and to call her when the contractions were regular. I then called my support friend and told her what was happening and since she lived a good hours drive from us she decided to make her way to us. I then continued with cooking the dinner to keep me distracted from the slight contractions I was getting.

From about 5.30pm the contractions were coming every three to five minutes. At 6.30pm we called the midwife. She came and found me to be 2cm dilated. I did not let this dishearten me even though by now the contractions were feeling heavy to me. She suggested I get in the bath. So I got into this hot bath which I found very soothing and just melted away a lot of the tension that I was holding. At the same, the contractions got stronger, longer and more frequent. After nearly an hour in the bath the midwife asked to check my progress and hopefully rupture my membranes.

So out I got and before I could get on the bed felt the urge to vomit. That I did a few times. I was then found to be 8cm dilated and I was very excited and relieved to hear this. She then ruptured my membranes and I returned once again to the bath. There I closed my eyes and relaxed completely in-between contractions. The contractions were quite intense and my support friend helped me breathe through them. I had an incredible urge to push and after a while at 20.33pm, another daughter Jessica, was born into the bath peacefully. The midwife picked her upper body out of the water and placed her on my abdomen. We did not plan to have our baby in the bath, it just happened. It was very emotional for me. I felt relieved and could not believe that 3 hours later I had given birth. She was so peaceful and relaxed. I was blown away.

I feel truly blessed, grateful, proud, humbled and at peace to have birthed once again naturally, at home with people who believe in a woman's instinct and right to birth naturally and beautifully.