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Vesalius's "De Corporis Humani Fabrica", 1543.

An early portrayal of the female pelvis and it's anatomy.


Miniature from a 14th Century "Historie Ancienne".

This depicts a woman doctor performing a caesarean section on a living patient!


Suetonius' "Lives of the Twelve Caesars", 1506, Woodcut.

This picture supposedly depicts the birth of Julius Caesar. It shows a live infant being surgically removed from it's dead mother. It is more likely that a law requiring this procedure was made during the time that Julius Caesar ruled.


Alessandro Beneditti's "De Re Medica", 1549, Woodcut.

A portrayal of the removal of Asclepius from his mother's uterus by his father, Apollo.


Plate XLII from Scultetus' "Armamentaerium chirugicum bipartum", 1666.


As observed by R. W. Felkin in 1879.

A successful(?) caesarean performed by indigenous healers in Kahura, Uganda.


A caesarean patient prior to dressing the wound, 1822.

A Modern Caesarean.

Photo's kindly supplied by Sabrina This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Her Website address is:

"This is the actual surgery - they are about to take the baby out. One doctor is pulling back the muscle so the other can work..."

"Here is my first sight of my son. One doctor puts pressure on the fundus (top) of the uterus while the other pulls him out."

"It's bright out here!"

"The baby is too tired, after 36 hours of labour! They let his cord pulse for a while after he was out - I hear this is unusual, especially at a section..."

Thankyou Sabrina, for sharing your personal photos with us.

Photo's of the "Birth of Harry"

Kindly supplied by Kristine - Her birthstory is on our Birthstories Page (I fell pregnant so easily...)

Kristine's next baby, Hayden, was also born by c/section, on 18.8.99 at 4:15pm. Again she has kindly sent some photo's to display on this page...

Thankyou Kristine, for sharing these precious photo's with us!

Debby sent me these photo's to share. She writes: "I was just looking over the site and saw that you only have two lots of csec photos and no vbac ones in the photo section. I didn't know if you wanted any more but I scanned these in for my personal online album and thought you might like a copy."

Thankyou, Debby, for sharing these special moments!

On 21 May, 2002 at 1.47am, our son Harrison Isaac Adams was born at home (VBAC) into his Daddy's waiting arms. By soft candle light Bradley passed him to his Mummy, Edwynna to hold skin-to-skin. Harrison is baby brother to Benjamin born by C-Sec 22 June, 1998.
Harrison weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and was born after a 2 hour labour. Harrison was born 21 days past the ultrasound date and 15 days past our own dates.
To read the story of Harrison's birth, and that of his big brother, Benjamin, click here.

*For more related photo's (eg, Caesarean, etc) Please visit Robin Elise Weiss's Website 'Pregnancy/Birth' at:

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