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Australian Doulas

As modern day doulas we are experienced mothers who can provide a continuity of care during pregnancy, labour, and post-natal periods.
We are Certified Doulas trained to support women on an emotional and physical basis and to interact sensitively with all those involved with pregnancy and birth.
We also do Doula Training.

BodyWise BirthWise

Kristin Beckedahl
Naturopath, Nutritionist
Childbirth Educator & Doula
Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PBi)
http://www.bodywisebirthwise. kristin@bodywisebirthwise.com.au

Motherwise Studios

 I believe that every woman has the right to wholistic, non-judgmental birth support. My aim is to nurture you in your journey to motherhood while supporting and enabling you to make informed, empowered decisions to achieve the birthing experience you desire. Compassionate and knowledgable, I am dedicated in my role to support you through birth, inform you of the available choices as they arise, and empower you to make confident decisions. Serving the entire Perth metropolitan area and accepting new clients at any stage of pregnancy.

Anna Duval, CLD (CBI)

Mobile: 045 068 7130

Email: motherwisestudios@gmail.com for further information.

Birthing Buddies - 'Preparing Heart and Home for New Life'
Offers counselling; a doula service; preparation for pregnancy, birth and early parenting based on individual needs; school and community group talks; support groups; and workshops.
Based in Sorrento
Phone: (08) 94480973
Email: birthingbuddies@iinet.net.au
for further details.

Lynley Boyle - Continuous physical, emotional and informational support during pregnancy, labour and birth.

PH- (08) 9433 3859
Mobile- 0422438611
Email- lynley@firedream.net

Doulas of WA

and also
Contact Gabrielle Targett to answer any queries you may have or to put you in touch with a Doula in your area.
PH: 9336-4347 or 0418-336-362

Believe In Birth
Specialising in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology
Contact Jodee with any questions  you may have.
Phone: 08 9255 2487 or Mobile: 0418 918 200
Website: http://www.believeinbirth.com.au

Kath Budzinska - midwife and lactation consultant
364 Hector Street
Yokine 6060
ph 0409114906

Surya Health, Joondalup - pregnancy yoga classes
Life Natural Health Centre, Joondalup
Ph. 9404 5445
mob. 0411 954 851

Bloomin Good Birth
Doula Service.

Offering pregnancy support and education, birth support and post natal support.
Servicing women who birth at home or in hospital.
I have an innate understanding of VBAC.
Jo Bainbridge, CD.
Phone: 08 8388 6918
Email: dinojo@smartchat.net.au

Kath Steuart
Birth and Postnatal Doula
Email: borowke@iinet.net.au

Rachel Randall

The Birth Lady

Birth doula, placenta remedies & breastfeeding support

0405 918 435

Passionate and dedicated doula with experience of VBAC and supporting women’s choices and rights during pregnancy and birth. Providing tailored care according to your individual needs from birth preparation and debriefing to placenta encapsulation.

Other Australian States: 


Confident Birth Doula Services (ACT).
Vickie Hingston-Jones
Qualified and registered doula supporting women in
For calm constant care, before during and after the birth of your baby
contact Vickie at Confident Birth.
0422 008 759
(02) 6294 0069

Empowered for Birth Canberra Doula Services
Jennifer Staniforth, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
Find out how a doula can support you in achieving the birth you desire! Contact Jennifer today.
Ph: 02 6294 3460 or 0421 733 848
E: jennifer@empoweredforbirth.com
Web: www.empoweredforbirth.com

Birth Circle and Birth Choices Southwest. 
Jane Bennett 0401655344.




Jane Palmer - Midwife/Childbirth Educator.
(Dundas, NSW)
Phone (02) 9873 1750, Mobile 0414 814 686, Email: janepalm@rivernet.com.au
Visit Jane's wonderful website at:

Mentoring the transformation of the human spirit
by rediscovering and manifesting one's life purpose, or "Soul Destiny".
Phone 1800 505 337 Fax +61 43 886 819
Mobile 0418 428 430
Your future awaits you. Which one will you choose?

Doula Express
Continuous support for you and your partner
at the birth of your child!
In Hospital: Birth Centre, Labour Ward and At Home.
Phone: 02 9399 5854

Natural Instinct Doula Service
Emotional and practical support
through pregnancy, birth and beyond
Tracey Astill King and Karen Arthur

Email - karthur@hunterlink.net.au
Phone - (02) 49908975 or (02) 49912531


With skilled support and knowledge you can have a positive and satisfying birth experience

At Birth Buddies we provide support before, during and after the birth of your baby.

We also provide ongoing post natal support and information.

It is our aim to help the birthing couple through labour and birth with knowledge and understanding, and without fear, to welcome their new baby into the world.

We also provide dynamic and interactive pre natal classes that provide information and support for all birth options

BIRTH BUDDIES - Tara McCabe, 18 Burt Street, Rozelle, 2039
Phone: 02 9555 6603 or 0410 709 409, email: birthbuddies@msn.com

Nicole Ronay Sundin - www.birthpartner.com.au - doula working in Sydney. I also hire and sell TENS machines to women Australia-wide to help them have access to drug-free pain relief during childbirth.

Norwest Doula Services
As a doula it is my every aim to help you to achieve a positive birthing experience.
I am extremely passionate about VBAC'S and EBAC'S and will do the very best I can at making sure you are informed and supported in all of your birthing choices.
I also provide extensive information in both your pregnancy and post natal periods.

"If you are pregnant, or soon to be and live in Sydney contact Trisha."

Web: www.norwestdoulaservices.com.au
Email: ' ); // -->This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it CTRL + Click to follow link" href="mailto:%20%3cscript%20language='JavaScript'%20type='text/javascript'%3e%20%3c!--%20var%20prefix%20=%20'ma'%20+%20'il'%20+%20'to';%20var%20path%20=%20'hr'%20+%20'ef'%20+%20'=';%20var%20addy89019%20=%20'trisha'%20+%20'@';%20addy89019%20=%20addy89019%20+%20'norwestdoulaservices'%20+%20'.'%20+%20'com'%20+%20'.'%20+%20'au';%20document.write(%20'%3ca%20'%20+%20path%20+%20'''%20+%20prefix%20+%20':'%20+%20addy89019%20+%20''%3e'%20);%20document.write(%20addy89019%20);%20document.write(%20'%3c/a%3e'%20);%20//--%3en%20%3c/script%3e%3cscript%20language='JavaScript'%20type='text/javascript'%3e%20%3c!--%20document.write(%20'%3cspan%20style='display:%20none;'%3e'%20);%20//--%3e%20%3c/script%3eThis%20e-mail%20address%20is%20being%20protected%20from%20spambots.%20You%20need%20JavaScript%20enabled%20to%20view%20it%20%3cscript%20language='JavaScript'%20type='text/javascript'%3e%20%3c!--%20document.write(%20'%3c/'%20);%20document.write(%20'span%3e'%20);%20//--%3e%20%3c/script%3e">trisha@norwestdoulaservices.com.au

Essential Birth Consulting

Offering midwifery services during preconception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal.  VBAC, Homebirth, hospital birth support, childbirth education, birth debriefing, childbirth education, VBAC preparation, and consulting services are available.  I practice in and around Sydney, Illawarra, South West, Penrith, north shore, eastern suburbs.  Essential Birth Consulting recognises you as being the most important person in the birthing experience.  

Melissa Maimann
MBA RM RN BN Grad Dip Midwifery
0400 418 448
Email: melissam@idx.com.au

Prenatal Belly Dance ~ Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance (Wollongong, NSW)
The gentle rolling and circular motions of belly dance have for centuries been associated with pregnancy and childbirth. With over 14 years experience as a belly dance teacher and performer Virginia offers informed, safe, and low impact belly dance classes for women in all stages of pregnancy. Belly dance is a unique and enjoyable way to keep fit during pregnancy and a wonderful way in which to bond with your baby through dance. Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance is located in central Wollongong, NSW.

Ph: (02) 42261861
Shop 3/ 6 Kenny St, Wollongong 2500

Birth and Baby care (Canberra and Queanbeyan)
Amy Chin-Atkins
Our doula services, HypnoBirthing classes and breastfeeding counselling provides physical, emotional and informational support,
empowering families and enabling them to have a healthy pregnancy,
safe, comfortable, relaxed labour and birth, and positive parenting experience.
Contact Amy at 0449 880 222 / (02) 6295 1259


Birth, Bubs and Beyond. We focus on prenatal education in small group sessions and also post birth education, breastfeeding and baby cares.

phone: 0402704826 or 0419492355

Welcome to Joyous Birth and Accessing Artemis.
Have you birthed at home? Are you considering a homebirth? We seek to encourage community among homebirthers, midwives, birth attendants and doulas, past, present and future across Melbourne and beyond. Come along to socialise, feel supported and strengthened, share knowledge and experience and enjoy the company of others who believe in gentle birth. We meet seasonally and have a yahoo group (see the link listed below) for continuing support as well as mailing invitations.

Accessing Artemis - share your story.
The other aspect to Joyous Birth is supporting women following birth. Come here to tell us your story. Was your birth all you hoped for? Did you experience a caesarean and feel ripped off? Are you sad if you didn't spend the first few hours with your baby? Have you experienced a traumatic birth? Did you feel violated and devastated by the experience? Also share with us at Joyous Birth as we build a supportive community to help women recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by birth trauma. Many of us are choosing home birth for our next pregnancy as a result of increased awareness following a traumatic experience and the trend in increasing interventions in the hospital/birth centre system. For further information please refer to the Joyous Birth web site.

Birth Works - Erika Munton, Birth Attendant/Life Coach
Location:  Eastern Suburbs Melbourne.
I strive to provide a safe, caring, equipping and empowering service for people seeking additional support, skills, information and guidance through the journey of becoming parents and for the issues such times can raise. This is facilitated through individualized sessions, birth attendance, support groups and workshops.
website: www.birthworks.com.au
phone: 0407 685 933

Bear With Me - www.bearwithme.com.au

Natural Parenting in Sydney

Tara Darlington

T/F 02 9639 3811 M 0405 456 617

Childbirth Education & Doula Service

Innate Birth offers a Doula (birth attendant) service for pregnant women or couples who would like extra support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. Servicing the Blue Mountains, Lithgow & Western Sydney areas & attending births in hospital, birth centre or at home. 2 day Active Birth workshops held regularly in the Blue Mountains, N.S.W.
Our vision is to encourage women's innate faith & confidence in their ability to birth in the way that they choose, and to help them prepare a safe and non-threatening environment for the birth of their baby.
* Contacts:
Natalie Forbes - Mother of 4, Childbirth Educator, Doula & Breastfeeding Counsellor
Phone - (02) 47 572080 or 0410 428307 Email - nataliedash@optusnet.com.au
Jo Hunter- Mother of 4, Childbirth Educator & Doula
Phone - (02) 47 519840 Email - jo.phil@bigpond.com.au

If you would like a Doula at the birth of your baby, this website features four Doulas practicing in Sydney.
Whether you are planning to give birth at home, in a birth centre or in a hospital labour ward, one of these wonderful women can support you as your Doula.
Contact: Lucy Perry - Doula.
Phone: 02 9440 9099/0412 917 042

Independant Childbirth Educator and Doula Services
Rebekah Fisher

Supporting you emotionally and spiritually as you gather knowledge to move
towards fearless birthing and forging and deeper bond with your baby.
Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia
Email: rebefisher@yahoo.com.au or telephone 0422 916 262

Jerusha Sutton

Birth Support for Sydney's parents-to-be.
0414 790 796

Tara Darlington – Sydney & Hills District
Birth Educator, Doula, Counsellor

Support for women preparing for Natural Birth after Caesarean (VBAC) or recovering from Caesarean.
Tel 02 9614 8461 or 0405 456 617

Virginia Maddock - Doula, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist
'For natural, holistic, continuous care and support, from preconception through pregnancy and birth'
Phone: 0415 683 074
Clinic @ Birthing Rites Australia: Suite 4/10 Denison St Bondi Junction, NSW.
Email: maddvirg@yahoo.com.au
Web: www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/3318

Jacquie Harsh


Certified Childbirth Educator/Doula

Passionate about informing, empowering & supporting birthing women and their families




Birthing and Babies Support Group -   www.birthingandbabies.info

Birth Matters (QLD).
- Independent BIrth Educator. Brisbane
Sharon Gavioli
Currently undertaking Graduate Diploma in Childbirth Education
Email: birthmatters1@hotmail.com
Phone: 3256 9113 or 0417 083 803

Sharon's personal experiences of birth have helped her most in offering assistance to birthing couples.
She is a VBAC mother herself - which is what led her to this work.
Sharon offers sessions based on informed choice, addressing previous birth issues (if appropriate)
and ways to prepare postively for birth.
She also offers private sessions and can provide birth support.
Sharon is a nurse with 20 years experience, a Breastfeeding Counsellor who has been involved in counseling women for over 8 years and believes in being at one with birthing women.

Pernille Powell
(07) 5448 0141 | Mob. 0406 412 354

Ideal Birth Doula Services
Cheryl Sheriff
0407 153 412

Doula - Jennifer Lea
Brisbane, Queensland (Logan)

Email: Doulainlogan@hotmail.com
When your big day does finally arrive I will meet up with you wherever you are the most comfortable at whatever time need be. I will pamper you with massage,aromatherapy and offer you continual emotional,physical and spiritual support. I will also include Dad into these activities ( if Dad is present ) and show him how to best relieve you and quietly guide him through a quick massage course :)

Birth Buddies Townsville Qld
Providing emotional, physical, and informational support
during pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn period.
* Honey 07 47712541 or 0422913540
Email: honeyfrog@bigpond.com
* Philippa 07 47734075 or 0407648349
Email: philippa.s@optusnet.com.au
PO Box 1822 Townsville 4810

EBAC Doula
Claire Aslangul
Prenatal, birth and antenatal support for VBAC/EBAC
Tranquility Birth Services
Robina, Gold Coast
0406 320 058

Brisbane HypnoBirthing Doula and Postnatal Doula
Helen: mother, doula, qualified massage therapist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner.
I will work with you one-on-one and support you throughout an empowered pregnancy and birth. I can offer you relaxing massage and reflexology, deep relaxation and guided imagery sessions, fear release, positive visualisation and affirmations for pregnancy, birthing and the early weeks after your baby is born. I am fully qualified in HypnoBirthing and can support you and your partner during pregnancy and birth to empower the most calm, comfortable experience possible. I can offer postnatal assistance - helping out wherever needed to allow you the best opportunity for rest, recuperation, feeding and bonding with your newest family member.
P: 043 003 6211
E: doulahelen@gmail.com

Sarah Edwards
Peak Crossing Area covering Ipswich, Brisbane and Gold Coast


South Australia


Roz Donnellan - Fernandez
Midwife / Lactation Consultant / Masters Degree in Women's Health
Ph: (08) 8278 1429 Mobile: 041 785 1883
7 Mulga Road

*Support for women, and their families, planning both home and hospital VBAC.

Helen Hriskin ~ Belly Birth & Beyond  :::  Doula Services :::
PO Box 393, Stepney South Australia
Mobile: 0412 225 532 Ah/Fax: (08) 8367 8548
website: www.bellybirthandbeyond.com.au
email: helen@bellybirthandbeyond.com.au

Doulas of South Australia - http://www.doulasofsa.com.au/




Stream Of Life
Midwifery Natural Therapies Practice
Specialising in Fertility, natural fertility treatments, Maternity Reflexology, Active Birth Classes support and care regardless of birthing choice. We are dedicated to the belief that women are the true experts of birth, drugs, machinery and medical personnel are no match for a woman's own intellect and intuition.
Birth is a perfectly natural spiritual, magical and miraculous event.
Visit our Website www.stream-of-life.com

Genevieve Sayers CD(DONA)

Birth doula

Having had vaginal births after 2 c-sections,  I know how important it is to have independent support for any birth (especially for VBAC) from another experienced and knowledgeable woman. The personal experiences I have had in birth along with my doula training and working with clients, has given me an enormous wealth of knowledge that I can share with clients to be in helping them to have their own empowering births and beautiful beginnings to their family lives.

Location: Hobart
Ph: 0400 849 044
Email: boxingkoala99@dodo.com.au 




Birthing and Babies Support Group -   www.birthingandbabies.info

Midwives in Private Practice.
We have a brochure which lists most of the midwives in Victoria who practice independently.
Follow this link for more information: http://www.maternitycoalition.org.au/mipps.html

Dial a Doula
Mothering the Mother.
Because the more a mother is cared for the more easily she can care for her baby.
Contacts: Anna Urbanski 03 97181239 / 0408954120
and  Sunderai Felich 0401626883
website is www.dialadoula.com.au

Rachael Colley
Definately supports VBAC's.
Melbourne, Frankston area (Seaford).
Phone: 03 9766 4298
Email: rakky@optushome.com.auWebsite: http://www.thebirthingwomb.com

Joy Johnston - Midwife and Lactation consultant 

Services: Homebirth, continuity of midwifery care, breastfeeding, early parenting

Location: Working in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, and further afield.

Contact: TEL 03 9808 9614
Fax: 03 9808 3611
M: 04111 90448
Email: joy@aitex.com.au
Website: www.aitex.com.au/joy.htm

Jennie Teskey
Midwife in Private Practice

Ph/fax - (03) 9844 2523, email - jennieteskey@yahoo.com
(Warrandyte North)

 Erika Munton – Birth Attendant/Life Coach:

Melbourne Doula childbirth support services
Personalized, compassionate support for birthing women from the Yarra Valley to metropolitan Melbourne.
Whether you plan a homebirth, a hospital birth, VBAC or EBAC, I will support your "Very Beautiful and Courageous Birth".
Julie Bell, Birth & Post-Natal Doula (Optimum Birth), Warburton.
Email: autumnrainoz@bigpond.com
PH: 0432 105 162
W: http://melbournedoula.blogspot.com/

Tara Donohue - Student Doula (Optimum Birth) & mum

I believe every baby’s birth is a special and unique event that needs support. I look forward to working with you and your partner to help you achieve the best birth possible for you.

What I offer:

Informational, emotional and physical support before, during and after the birth

2 x antenatal visits to meet and discuss everything from birthing positions to relaxation and to help write a birth plan

Full birth support, photography, hold the space

1 x postnatal visit to debrief

If you are past 28 weeks and live in the Melbourne area, I would love to hear from you.


Birth Attendants in Melbourne
BellyBelly Birth Support , Australia

Our beautiful Birth Attendants are trained by Rhea Dempsey (http://www.birthingwisdom.com.au) in a nine month long journey. We have been blessed to support all kinds of amazing and unique births from Jewish Birth to Waterbirth to Natural VBAC in all sorts of settings including home, hospital and birth centre.
Profiles and images of all our Attendants are featured online. Plenty of articles and information is available, including Doula / Birth Attendant interview sheets, as well as forum discussions on the BellyBelly website.
Ph: (03) 9804 0488
Website: http://www.bellybelly.com.au/birth-support
Email: birthsupport@bellybelly.com.au

Liana Rhimes - student doula.
Passionate about supporting VBAC (have experienced a water VBAC).
Frankston (and surrounds) area only, VIC.
Ph: 0421 063 598
email: baby_chimo_doula@hotmail.com

Victoria Marshall-Cerins

Independent Childbirth Educator and Birth Attendant/Doula
I am a fully qualified childbirth educator (2 year post-graduate diploma course) and have been honoured to support birthing women and their families for the past 4 years through all kinds of circumstances and in every setting. I run independent weekly classes and weekend workshops in Melbourne which provide information and skill development during pregnancy, as well as providing support throughout labour and birth as a birth attendant.
ph: (03) 9893 6366

Melbourne doula
Melissa -student doula (Optimum Birth)
W ill travel to all melbourne hospital for a birth
Will support all births, vbac, water birth, home birth and so on
Phone 0404254907
Email : doulamelissas@yahoo.com

Sandy Blakesley

02 4325 1090

Amber Russell, Doula and Placental Encapsulation 

Experience with Homebirth, Waterbirth and hospital birth, avid supporter of VBAC and Intervention-Free birth

Placental encapsulation and placentophagy

Volunteer Doula for Young Mothers

Mother of Two
Located in Northcote, happy to travel
Mobile 0421846934
Email: amber.russell@iinet. net.au

Birth Doula and Kinesiologist specialising in VBAC and Birth Trauma Recovery.
Stephanie Cantrell
0408 569 682

Melbourne, Aust


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