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Links to some great websites on the Internet that you should check out, some of which give you the latest data on VBAC, are:

Caesarean Awareness Network Australia - www.canaustralia.net

On this website you will be able to access up-to-date and evidence-based information and resources about caesareans and birth after caesareans, links to support groups around the country, information on workshops and antenatal courses relevant to caesareans or vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), and information on issues related to maternity services for women who are planning a caesarean, or planning to VBAC.

Maternity Wise

A nonprofit organization specializing in presenting evidence-based information and guidance to help women make informed decisions about maternity care.
Our audience includes mothers, fathers, soon-to-be parents and caregivers, who visit our site for trustworthy and current information.

(Caesarean Awareness Recovery Education Support South Australia).
Website address:

CARES - SA, is a group that organises coffee mornings and provides information to women about caesarean and VBAC birth.
Meeting others who have had similar birth experiences can be a step towards healing and feeling whole again.
We look forward to welcoming you.

International Caesarean Awareness Network Homepage

  • International Caesarean Awareness Network Information
  • Avoiding an unneccessary caesarean
  • Risks of a caesarean section
  • VBAC checklist
  • Caesarean fact sheet
  • VBAC homepage

Pre Eclampsia, is the most common serious medical disorder of pregnancy, affecting up to 1 in 10 mothers, however little is known about the disorder. Visit http://www.aapec.org.au for further information

PTSD AND CHILDBIRTH, a new website, from TABS - Trauma And Birth Stress, NZ.
Becoming a mother can put women under considerable psychological pressure. Post-natal (or post-partum) depression (PND or PPD) is a well-known and very common experience. Potentially much longer lasting and insidious, however, is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) arising from events before, during, after or throughout the whole of the birth experience.

Trauma And Birth Stress - PO Box 18 002, Auckland New Zealand

www.spinningbabies.com - What makes Spinning Babies unique is the attention to a mother's soft tissues, her muscles and ligaments, when addressing the topic of Optimal Fetal Positioning. These techniques were found around the world, but "what to do when" is found right here. Your labor can be shorter and less painful.

Easier, in other words, than labor lying in bed on your back with a posterior baby trying to rotate into birthing position.

Cas McCullough

I am a mother who has had 2 caesareans (the first unnecessary, the second apparently necessary...I'm still figuring that one out) and I have produced a CD about birth and motherhood to raise awareness of the birthcare reform campaign and the need to understand and support those who have experienced traumatic births.
50c from every CD sold is being donated to the Brisbane-based support group Birthtalk

Birth International
Po Box 366 Camperdown NSW 1450
Phone: 02
9564 2322
Fax 02 9564 2322
Website Address: https://www.birthinternational.com/

ACE Graphics provides teaching materials, equipment and other resources for those working in the maternity services, especially childbirth educators, midwives, community health nurses and physiotherapists

(Doulas of North America).
A comprehensive Database of doulas (internationally).
And an informative childbirth website.

Website: http://www.dona.org
Email: AskDONA@aol.com

Cesarean Voices.

Writings and artwork by cesarean born people, both non-labor and labor, by parents of cesareans, by several artists, by obstetricians,psychiatrists and psychologists, and by other interested people.

Pubmed - A medical search engine

This is a search engine of medical studies from journals, that you can search by subject. The person who recommended this 'site searched for pelvimetry and got stacks of article extracts with lots of information.

VBAC Frequently Asked Questions

This site has lots of VBAC, C-Section and Homebirth stories. Some of the topics include:

  • Why would I want a vaginal birth?
  • What about rupture of the uterus?
  • Pregnancy after a caesarean section.
  • Labour after a caesarean section.
  • Specifications for a VBAC.
  • Preparing for your VBAC.
  • Birth alternatives.
  • Resources for VBAC.
  • Emotions of VBAC.
  • Personal experience with VBAC.
Also a list of books about VBAC.

This site has some very interesting articles such as:

  • Epidurals causing caesareans?
  • VBAC frequently asked questions.
  • International Caesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) Homepage.
  • VBAC Checklist.
  • VBAC guidelines - From the American College of OB/GYNS.
  • Books for VBAC.
  • Vaginal delivery an option after caesarean section.
  • Repeat caesarean.
  • Breakthrough series topics caesarean rates and VBAC.
  • Rates of caesarean delivery - VBAC rates are doubling.

A woman centered, evidence based, resource.
    In the United States about one million women give birth by cesarean every year. Cesarean section is the most common major operation performed in the country. In 1997, 55% of all repeat cesarean births were elective operations . Current evidence shows that the majority of women can have safe vaginal births after prior cesareans (VBAC). This website is designed to give childbearing women access to research based information so they can, together with their caregivers, make informed decisions that best meet their needs.

ACOG VBAC Guidelines.

The American College of Ob/Gyn' VBAC recommendations.

The C-Section FAQ

C-Section Homepage

High Risk Situations and Complications in Pregnancy, Labour and Childbirth.


An annotated bibliography of papers related to VBAC deliveries. It has been in existence for 1-1/2 years, and is updated quarterly
* Also - Ken Turkowski's Birthing Homepage. - Contains a personal story about his wife birthing as a VBAC, with the use of pitocin, that ended in a catastrophic uterine rupture.

*Pinky - My Child

My Child knows there is more than one way to care and that there is more than one way to share the load. My Child Knows that to keep on caring, we must care for ourselves and each other. That is why My Child offers a directory of connections - so you can find the support that suits you and your child. 

The Pregnancy Centre.

Discover essential tips on safe exercises and learn how to look after your body during and after pregnancy. Find out what is normal and when to seek professional advice. Read the real life stories of other women who developed physical problems, as a result of pregnancy, and discover how physiotherapy advice and exercises helped them recover.

The site includes information for women regarding some of the more hidden problems following pregnancy and childbirth. These include pelvic floor problems, incontinence and back pain. It also includes information on exercise during and after pregnancy.

In the FAQ's section there is a response to the question: "What is safe to do after a Caesarian Section? My baby is 7 weeks old and I had a Caesarian Section. I was told not to do too much when I left hospital, but what can I do now?" which is very relevant.

Australian Doula College

- In honour of women,for the love of birth...... 

31 Brighton Street, Petersham NSW 2049 

Phone - 02 9560 8288 or 1300 139 507 

We are an integrated heath care Centre that trains doulas and educates and supports women and their families.

Natural Beginnings

...is an information resource group, offering classes designed to enhance
your whole pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting experience.


Austprem provides a forum for Australian and N.Z. parents and caregivers of premature babies to discuss the issues and experience of prematurity in a local context. Through Austprem, families who have experienced the complex changes of parenting a premature infant, reach out to other families facing this journey and offer friendship, information and support. Medical professionals are encouraged to participate in the discussions both to learn about the parental experience of prematurity and to offer insight and understanding.

CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services)

Check out their website, it gives encouragement and hope. There is much material to download for free.

Tara Women's Healing and Yoga Website

- A website for women on yoga, tantra, conscious conception, holistic pregnancy, natural childbirth, spiritual midwifery, and mothering.


A woman-based business of 5 years dedicated to the dissemination of
evidence-based, objective information for the maternal/child health professional
as well as the woman during the childbearing year.

Birthing Alternatives

- Information, resources and support for empowering child birth.
A site for parents and alternative birth professionals.

- carries designer maternity fashions from all over the world.
We also specialize in breast feeding apparel and equipment as well as newborn baby gifts.
Our website is: http://www.hstmaternity.com/

Birth Parners.com
The Internet's Leading Directory of Natural Birth Options...

A good resource site!
Website: http://www.birthpartners.com/

Birthing Naturally
- Natural Childbirth Directory.

A directory provided in an attempt to help you locate childbirth professionals who are trained to assist you in planning for a natural birth.

American Pregnancy Association

The American Pregnancy Association is a national health organization committed to reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, research, advocacy and community awareness. The Association is a non-profit organization. Offers a toll-free helpline for women in the United States and a email helpline for women around the world as a resource for getting education and support.

The Pink Kit Method for birthing better

The Pink Kit method for birthing better - A multi media training kit providing the birthing mother and partner with tools/skills in birth preparation and labour management. Suitable for all women in all birthing situations.

Georgia Birth Network
provides support and education for childbirth professionals and birthing families in Georgia.
GBN provides free monthly educational seminars and hosts professional trainings as well.
We also operate as a referral source and provide a comprehensive list of childbirth professionals in Georgia.
Referral line: 678-264-4944.
Web address: www.gabirthnetwork.com

A Little Wish

Deals with the irriversable consequenes of often unwanted caesareans

Brand New Dad

- is an online community, resource center and search engine for New and Expectant Fathers.
Join Free!

Pregnancy Calendar

Your week-by-week Pregnancy Guide. Our comprehensive and detailed pregnancy calendar will help you to discover exactly how you and your baby are developing.

Coast Yoga Centre

The Active Birth Centre at Coast Yoga offers a comprehensive program of classes for the childbearing year. The centre is the foremost in South Australia in offering classes for pregnant women and their partners. Vanessa Shribman, the Director of coast yoga has been teaching these classes and workshops for the last 12 years. She was also cofounder of the birthing consumer group "Birth Matters"â and has been committed to improving women's experience of childbirth for many years.

Four Trimesters Pte Ltd

Ginny Phang HBCE, CD(CBI), DipCBE
The vision of Four Trimesters is to improve maternity care. Our aim for parents is help them achieve a positive and empowering birth experience.
Four Trimesters specializes in HypnoBirthing Antenatal Classes, Childbirth Education and Doula services.
Nurturing Birth, Baby and Beyond
Phone: (65) 9475 1585
email: ginny@fourtrimesters.com


This site is designed to give you an insight into the book 'Birthwork'
- a compassionate guide to being with birth, by Jenny Blyth.
You can access a wide range of associated resources through the Links page

HypnoBirthing information site

As a mum and practising midwife in Glasgow I am impressed with the difference HypnoBirthing has made to thousands of families,
enhancing their experience of pregnancy, birth and transition to family life.

Chrissy Butler - http://www.chrissybutler.com
Author of "My Brother Jimi Jazz", an Australian children's book about
homebirth that embraces natural parenting ideals. Retail and
wholesale orders available through the website.

A community for new andexpectant mothers.
BabyTalkers.com is a place where moms can connect with other moms and simply find information,
learn some tips and tricks, or just chill out and vent.

Pregnancy Symptom

PregnancyDiary.org is your uide to pregnancy and related information including pregnancy basics, pregnancy tests, diseases and pregnancy and more.

Prenatal & Post Natal Yoga

yogababy offers a wide variety of yoga classes and workshops for you and your partner.
Our pregnancy yoga classes cultivate strength, flexibility, inner peace & greater knowledge of pregnancy & birth.
Our Mummy & Me yoga classes are a wonderful way to bond with your baby.
Learn yogababy stretches for your baby and strengthening postures for you.
Various Active Birth & Parenting workshops are also available for you and your partner,
to ensure a wonderful start for your family.
Classes are held in Bulimba, Paddington, Toowong, West End and Windsor.
Please visit us at www.yogababy.com.au for more details and online reservations. Phone 1300769642

BirthCut is dedicated to cesarean and VBAC birth stories, art and poetry that are submitted by both mothers and fathers.

Bubhub forumhttp://www.bubhub.com.au/community/forums/index.php

IDIBIDI KIDS™ (pronounced Iddy-biddy) is located in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in baby and children's well-being courses and workshops to assist your child's health and development

If you have a website that you think should be included on our Hotlinks list, then please email it's details to Birthrites

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